"48'Threads - Where Every Thread Tells a Story of Style and Impact."

Palestine Collection

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Palestine Collection

T-shirts from our latest collection, now in multiple colors.

30% of all sales from this collection will go to Palestine.

48.threads - Where Every Thread Tells a Story of Style and Impact.

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Vision & Goals

Our vision extends beyond fashion; we aspire to create a brand that transcends clothing, fostering a community that cares. By combining quality craftsmanship with a commitment to social responsibility, we aim to inspire positive change and awareness.


Enriching Awareness through

Palestine Collection

With the Palestine collection, we seek to go beyond fashion by contributing to a deeper understanding of the situation in Palestine. Through our designs and messaging, we aim to enrich people's awareness, fostering empathy and support for a cause that matters.

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In our mission to make a positive impact, we dedicate 30% of the profits from our Palestine collection to support initiatives in Palestine. This commitment reflects our belief in the power of commerce to contribute meaningfully to social causes.